2002 - January 12, 2005
Siberian Husky

Yukon died of complications of VKD, an immune system disorder.
"A few creatures fear us, most are unaware of us and not one loves us... Now in this indifference...in this incommunicable world...where exist among created things no other relations than those of executioners and victims, eaters and eaten... one animal alone, among all that breathes upon the earth, has succeeded in breaking through the prophetic circle, in escaping from itself to come bounding towards us... This animal, our good, familiar dog...has nevertheless performed one of the most unusual and improbable acts that we can find in the general history of life..."

Maurice Maeterlink
Yukon was a rescued shelter dog, probably abandoned by owners who discovered that he had an incurable disease. He spent the last few months of his short life in a loving home.